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Novakid ESL platform gives voice to the younger generation

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Children from all over the world will share what future should be like to make them happy in #KidsTalkFuture project

SAN FRANCISCO, May 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- We all wish for the happiest future for new generations. But what do children think "happy future" is supposed to be like? Novakid, Europe's number one ESL platform, asks this question directly to the kids, and then lets the answers be heard by the whole world.

In April 2021 Novakid launched the #KidsTalkFuture digital campaign. It invites children from all over the world to share their vision of a happy future for our planet. This reflects Novakid's mission — it not only teaches English, but also creates new opportunities for children from different countries, giving them a chance to communicate in the same language and build a happy future together.

The campaign is executed on a global level — kids from different countries are invited to join the project.

To participate in the contest film your child kid speaking on this topic in English and share the video on social media with the #KidsTalkFuture and #Novakid hashtags.

The competition will run during May, and the finale of the project will be on June 1, when a compilation of winning videos will be aired on one of the largest global TV channels.

"Novakid is reinventing English learning for kids in countries where English is not a primary spoken language," said Max Azarow, co-founder and CEO, Novakid. "Our goal is to improve the world via fostering a communication without borders for the 21st century. We believe that a world where children around the world are able to use English as a common tongue to communicate and exchange ideas will lead to more peace and more prosperity for all."

Novakid is Europe's number one online ESL school for children (ages four to 12) with individual 25-minute game-based lessons with native speakers. It is incorporated in the US, with over 43 thousand students around the world. Novakid's IT platform emphasizes personalization and AI-assisted data extraction and analysis. Its data-driven curriculum approach involves highly detailed student attainment data from student-tutor sessions to personalize each student's curriculum, while at the same time improving overall curriculum via constant A/B testing to produce better outcomes for all students.

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