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Investment Stage

For Woowa Brothers (Baedal Minjok), PUBG (BATTLEGROUNDS), Spoon Radio (Spoon), and Vuno which are 4 of the more successful cases, BonAngels has invested in the companies from pre-incorporation stage and gone through all the growth process together.

BonAngels is also an accelerator. We wish to become the first partner and investor of ambitious startups.

Contact us even if you have not yet incorporated your company but have a game-changing idea and a budding team.

However, it is encouraged that the founders are equipped with the minimal abilities to execute the products and/or services, on top of just a simple idea.

Areas of Investment

BonAngels invests in all types of digital transformations that are innovating the current industries, including internet and mobile B2C services, games, E-commerce, healthcare, AI, and other deep tech industries. Additionally, we’ve recently grown interest in businesses adapting to potential demands for post-COVID19 era.

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